I just wanted to thank you again for the Neighbourhood Small Grant this year. Our townhouse complex had a wonderful barbeque on Saturday, Aug. 27 which started in the afternoon and continued on until we ran out of food by 7:00 p.m. From the pictures I’ve included, you can see it was a beautiful day and so many of our neighbours we hadn’t seen for a couple of years ventured out when they heard the music and could smell the BBQ. We have done annual BBQ’s in the past but this one had the highest turn out, we aren’t sure if it was because people were ready to get out again or if it was the advertising blitz we did, or maybe a bit of both. We advertised in our monthly strata minutes, put a sign on the mail box area, and sent out a reminder on our Town Square bulletin. We have 68 units in our complex and we invited friends and family as well. It was so busy and crazy it was hard to take pictures and count people but we are sure we had over 80 people come and go over the 4-5 hours. The biggest surprises was meeting the new babies that had be born over the last couple of years, new pets joined the party and we had a grandpa come who was in his 90’s. He was thrilled to be part of the celebration and everyone was happy to meet him. We had bulbs to plant surrounding the gazebo and a variety of crafts for the kids to do. Most of the people were very happy to just chat, ask questions to the strata members and catch up on life. Even though I was a bit embarrassed about running out of food, everyone said they had a fantastic time and really appreciated all our hard work. Next year, I’m going to ask people to sign up so we have a better idea of how many people to expect. The rest of the strata members said it was a good sign people stayed out so long and we didn’t have to clean up much because everything was gone.

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