It has been a pleasure for us to host a basketball camp for a few boys living in different Trycity areas.
We started planning this activity a few weeks before to be able to gather people needed to join this activity through my son, who knew boys interested in improving basketball skills at our place.
Once we knew who was able to come, we set the date and time of the activity.
We also sent a reminder to the participants a week before.
For this activity, we gathered 4 boys who were able to come at the time planned, between 2 – 8 pm, while the temperature was not too hot, but also the day was long enough before getting dark.
Our son was the main participant and also the leader of the group, who has over five years basketball training and skills that he could teach the other boys.
The only challenge was that many kids were out of town and that the weather conditions could be very unpredictable in our area as this activity happened outside in our front yard where we had set up the basketball gear.
Luckily, the weather was nice that day, and we didn’t need to reschedule this activity.
We have learned that organizing is challenging as kids can change their minds or they may forget to come on a set date.
However, we enjoyed them playing while they learned new skills and had fun.
We also set up a break time where the boys enjoyed some meals and snacks in our home.

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