We started our project in May. We wanted to create areas that were peaceful and beautiful for the neighbourhood to gather in. We wanted to create more than one area. So we decided on smaller areas to beautify. We were a small group that came together every 2nd Saturday over the spring and summer to work together as a team. We purchased flowers and shrubs with our grant as well as soil to give the plants a good start. Some of our challenges were working in garden areas under old growth trees. Their root systems were so strong it was a challenge removing weeds and plants that could no longer survive under these trees. We took our time, working together and slowly removed the weeds and old plants without damaging any trees. Over the summer we were able to create new garden areas and refresh older garden areas that had been neglected. A bench was added to an area that had much use during the summer. It became a place for neighbours to meet, visit and talk. One of the comments was, “I loved getting to know my neighbours and enjoyed all the little conversations we had.”
We were a small group that came together with a plan and thanks to the small grant we were able to make it happen. We had a small get together after the project was completed and some of the comments from the participates were, “this project was a joy to do”, “every time I walk past the garden we built, I see how good it looks and I smile”, “it was such a creative process and we all worked so well together.” This is what it’s all about. Coming together as a community with an end goal. The highlight for me was making these new little gardens that everyone can now enjoy. Thank you.
See link below for more pictures.

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