My project was intended to help bring more people to enjoy the Burrard View Park (BVP) playground leader program and create a more equitable situation for those who did come. I was thrilled with the results.

Through the use of social media and the Burrard View Community Association’s (BCA) resources we were able to promote the program & increase awareness of its existence. Once families came, they found that there was an abundance of arts and crafts supplies. As well, there were enough pool toys to go around. It created a much more equitable situation because families knew they didn’t need to supply their own toys.

Momentum for the program grew as community awareness increased. The playground leaders loved working in BVP and many expressed a preference for working in BVP when the requests for scheduling availability went out.

The numbers tell the story. We went from 388 program visits in 2021 to 3365 in 2022! We laid the foundation for further increases in future years. I firmly believe the supplies that came with the NSG played a big role.

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