Cedar Cottage, Hastings-Sunrise and Renfrew


Applications are accepted in two cycles in Cedar Cottage, Hastings-Sunrise and Renfrew:

Spring: March 7 to April 18, 2024 – Projects to be completed by October 31, 2024

Applications will be reviewed by the Cedar Cottage, Hastings-Sunrise and Renfrew Neighbourhood Grants Committee and Community Coordinator (Giovana) once applications close, and you will hear the results within four-five weeks. If you have any questions, please contact Giovana at nsg.east@gmail.com.

Your Community Coordinator

Giovana Lopes Feijao

Contact Giovana f you have questions or feedback on Neighbourhood Small Grants. Paper applications are also available — please get in touch with her to ask for one.

Available grants

Resources for getting involved with Neighbourhood Small Grants as a grant applicant, project leader or program partner.

  • Greenest City Grants

    Community projects that help advance climate and sustainability goals

    Learn More
  • Youth NSG

    A program for youth (ages 12-24) living in Metro Vancouver communities.

    Learn More
  • Indigenous NSG

    A grant stream open to Indigenous people living in Metro Vancouver interested in community building.

    Learn More
  • NSG

    Grants of up to $500 for projects that deepen connection and create change in your community.

    Learn More

Program partner

Your neighbourhood partner

Local partner organizations manage all aspects of the Neighbourhood Small Grants program. Partner organizations are where your community coordinators work. They also oversee the Neighbourhood Grants Committee, which is unique to each community that reviews your grant applications.

Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House


Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House is a volunteer-driven, community service agency with a mission to make neighbourhoods better places to live and enable people to enhance their lives and strengthen their communities. We aim to address barriers to participation by providing low cost, culturally sensitive, participant-driven and locally-based programs.

Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House


Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House is a place where people connect to create community, enhance their lives and strengthen their community. Families with young children come together for encouragement and to learn new skills. Preteen and high school youth meet new friends and receive support. Youth can connect with employment services. Seniors gather to stay connected and active. Everyone is encouraged to learn new ways of overcoming challenges and making our community a better place. Volunteer-driven and community-service oriented, Frog Hollow’s mission is to make our neighbourhood a better place to live.

Kiwassa Neighbourhood House


Kiwassa Neighbourhood House is a grassroots, multi-service community agency that has been providing a broad range of free or low-cost social services and programs to children, youth, adults, seniors and families in East Vancouver for 60 years. Kiwassa Neighbourhood House works in partnership with residents, community agencies, businesses, government and non-government organizations, using a community development and capacity building approach to identify and respond to community needs. Our mission is to provide opportunities that engage, educate and empower people in order for them to participate productively in their community. Kiwassa Neighbourhood House fosters personal, social and community development.

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