Our group of artists included 16 people facing additional barriers and isolation due to the pandemic. Kits with watercolours, brushes, paper, a Sharpie, a booklet with instructions, and stamped cards with envelopes were delivered to participants’ homes. We had one zoom session to ahng out and socialize and check out the supplies. I also shared some basic techniques for working with watercolours. Support from caregivers meant that folks with diverse needs could participate with ease, and enjoy a successful experience. Operating outside of a familiar program, it was tricky to expect folks to jump right in – yet everyone did just that! I appreciated all the support offered by families and aides. One of the envelopes in each kit was addressed to myself, so I was the lucky recipient of all sorts of beautiful cards. Comments from participants and caregivers were very generous and positive; many folks have continued to work with me through other community programs.
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