Between the tail end of 2017, and the rest of 2018, there wasn’t much of a break between cold and flu seasons. I work in food, and also in health, and noticed that people in Vancouver were continually sick!
This is an expensive city to live in, and most of us can’t afford to miss several days of work.
This workshop focused on affordable, accessible, natural, and edible measures that people can take daily, as a step of preventative health care, to protect themselves, their families, and communities from illness.
All of this, from ingredients commonly found in our kitchens and grocery stores, and a demo for making Fire Cider, a popular folk remedy.
It was very well-received. Participants were happy to learn more about the herbal medicinal qualities found in everyday ingredients. People enjoyed healthy snacks, while hearing about how something as plain as a citrus fruits impacts our immune function, and how to take their health into their own hands.
I am already being asked to host another edition of this workshop later this year. Health education and food education are valuable skills for us to share.

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