Our family bought and made COVID-19 journals, gratitude journals, scrapbooks, word search, crossword puzzles, coloring books and other types of activity books to help pass the time while in self-isolation. We put together baskets for all the seniors on our block which included these items as well as cookies, chocolates, and tea. The kids also made a card and included suggestions of what people could do during self-isolation. We had a general message in front of the card for everyone and then I wrote a personal note to each recipient (I have all our senior neighbours’ names from the block party we hosted last year) to let them know they are being thought of and if they needed help with anything (shopping, etc.) to please contact us.

We made baskets for 20 seniors. My kids went door by door and set each basket by the door and then stepped back about 15 feet to keep their social distance. Most of the seniors we got on our first try but there were a couple that we tried a few times. We managed to deliver all our baskets in person to every senior on the block over a couple of weeks in May. It was so nice to talk to everyone and see how they were doing. We definitely achieved what we set out to do and were surprised by all the sweet thank you cards and emails we received. After the covid rules loosened up a little bit, we enjoyed seeing some of our neighbours going for walks. They are so friendly and love to stop for socially distant chats – it has been really nice building a stronger relationship with them, especially during these times.
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