We are very pleased to report our event went well; was very well received; and appreciated by the attendees.
The purpose of the gathering was to allow an opportunity for residents of this complex to meet one another. Several attendees commented on the fact that they have lived in the complex for many years and still have not met fellow residents. This gathering allowed approximately 40 residents, young and old, healthy and some handicapped in some fashion, to finally have an opportunity to meet and chat for the afternoon, rather than a quick hello in the hallways or elevators.
Conversations revolved around health issues;  winter travel and who would look after their unit, and the safety of the bulding with respect to recent multiple break ins.
Many units are renters and the afternoon allowed owners to have a better understanding of the current tenants…who they were and where they were from.
We did have to scurry from the lawn into the parkade due to inclement weather but that made for some innovative and fast moving action and a great deal of laughter and fun.
All in all, I was pleased and had many thank yous and comments as to how important this event was for our little community here at the south end of town.
I take this opportunity to sincerely thank the Community Foundation for its support. Your name was mentioned on several occasions during a speech or two and the logo displayed on two of the tables.
With Appreciation to the Community Foundation South Okanagan | Similkameen 2019 Neighbourhood Sma        ll Grants.

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Neighbourhood Small Grants

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