We organized a Rooftop social for residents of Pacific Landing, a strata building of 48 units. People had been in social isolation for too long and we needed some cheer. The day, Oct 3 obliged with a glorious smattering of sunshine after a week of almost nonstop rain. It was meant to be!
We talked, we ate, we basked, we had a good time. One of the residents is a professional chef and volunteered his services to make us fingerfood. The rooftop barbeque came handy as he made one delicious taco after another with all kinds of fillings. Truly memorable! Everything that could have gone right, did!! The kids were excited and couldn’t stop running the length of the rooftop. The adults were feeling like, hey, this is what life should be all about.

The Rooftop Social was a bit unusual for the residents, as the only time they are together communally is either at an AGM which is businesslike, or when the fire alarm goes off and everyone is on the sidewalk, which is stressful. So it was fun to relate to neighbours differently, and to have several interesting conversations.
NSG, thank you so much for making this happen. And we are planning to do it every year!
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