Hi! My name is Carmy Stubbs, and as one of the poets from the Tri-City Wordsmiths that participated in the project, Words on Streets, I wanted to thank and acknowledge The Association of Neighbourhood Houses BC and the Vancouver Foundation for the financial support for my presentation.

The idea of the project, Words on Streets, was to “bring neighbours together around the written and spoken words of poets […] presented in public places on the streets where we live.”

Being able to share a poem with the community in such a way was incredibly rewarding and joyful. In my case, the poem, In Autumn Glow, and the photo of the tree that inspired the poem were placed in the windows of Barre Fitness in St.John’s St. in Port Moody during the Art Shuffle. Both the poem and photo were printed at a very large size, and I was so surprised at how the poem felt more alive due to its size and presentation. Poetry doesn’t always get to be seen or read or heard! Now the poem could shimmer and glow for all who stopped to look! I’m very grateful.

Here I have to thank Gregory Elgstrand for having organised this wonderful project, securing the locations for the installation of the poems, and then the design and production.

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