This Zoom event was quite the par-tea. Poetry Teatime was an idea sparked by a conversation between two friends, longing for the days when we were able to share a cup of tea with each other. This event brought together residents of the Central Vancouver community for a 1-hour poetry workshop led by a facilitator. Teatime packages were distributed to participants prior to the event with a box of tea, scones from a local bakery, and a “Vancouver” journal to document each participant’s poetic creations. Each participant shared one thing that they delighted in on the day or week of the event and read their favourite poem to the group. One participant wowed the group and even sang their chosen lyrics. The facilitator led the group through an exercise using the five senses to engage in the practice of paying attention. Writing prompts were used to get the creative juices flowing and each participant contributed to a collective poem titled “A Sunday Afternoon is…” If the talent showcased during this event was any indication, our community is filled with poets… most who didn’t even know it! I have a feeling that there will be many more Poetry Teatime gatherings in the future. Thank you to the Vancouver Foundation for supporting this event!
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