My project was full of energy, happiness, reflection and surprises. On a wonderful summer afternoon there were 15 mothers and their children who joined our party in Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House. Thank for my 6 other friends to make this day possible and lovely. We all together prepared many activities for the participants families, such as collection of community resource to share, snack bags for each child, entertainment and materials for children during childcare, warm-up games and values sharing to help participants to reflect. Finally, there was a lucky draw game which allowed each family bring a little gift home.

Although fewer people attended than on our list, it was our mission to take care of every mom and child. The bigger challenge for us was we had so many children. For the older ones, we arrange doodles, movies and games for them. For the younger ones, we have all kinds of toys and two child minders to take care of them. The most touching moment was when each mother held a heart-shaped paper with different values ​​written on it, and then each said the meaning that this value brought to them. This allowed us to share our insights about life together. My friends and I just wanted to bring a message to the participants that “ When we are helpless and alone, we can seek our own power, and we can also seek a lot of help from the community and friends”.

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