Overall, my senior care packages went successfully, with only a handful of minor difficulties. I was able to provide a total of 30 care gifts. My path to putting together these care packages began with a list of goods I wanted to include and where I would obtain these resources. Throughout this process, I learned how to get the most value for my money via couponing, price matching, and buying in bulk. Despite my efforts, I was only able to put together around 15 care packages. I wanted to increase the number of packages I had, so I set out on a quest to collect donations from local businesses in my neighbourhood. This would allow me to venture outside of my comfort zone while also assisting me in improving my communication abilities. Although I had no response from any company interested in donating, it was a good attempt made. However, instead of contacting a business, I learnt from this experience and would do things differently next time. Instead of emailing a business, I would walk in and speak with the management personally. Following the failure of this idea, I decided to place donation boxes around my school and neighbourhood homes in the hopes of receiving additional donations. I simply had to make a poster and inform my supervisors about my intention to put up the donation boxes, so it was a reasonably simple procedure. This strategy drew significantly more donations than I had anticipated. With the support of community donations, I was able to double the number of care packages I was sending out, from 15 to 30. The next phase in the project was to choose a location where the items could be distributed. I chose a site, a small community senior home, with the support of teacher recommendations and research. Every single person who lived there was absolutely warm and inviting. The greatest aspect of this effort was seeing the seniors’ faces light up when they received a package.
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