The idea was to gather neighbours together for a party to share hobbies. The idea was a mix of people tell each other about their hobbies and interests.

There was a big problem on the day of the party it was supposed to rain heavily and thunderstorm. I was very stressed at this prospect as I had planned an outdoor party and there was only a tiny area to shelter people from the rain. At 7 am the day before my mind was predicting disaster. I mused on postponing it but realized this as impossible.

I gathered my best volunteers and we brainstormed on what to do. To our great luck, we discovered a wedding type tent that had not been used for 20 years. We set up the tent, it was 15’x30′ and all of a sudden added a sort of class to our event.

In the end it did not rain but the tent was amazing. We were happy with the show out for the party. The special event for the party was a singer from Australia, George. She brought a drummer and played one of the nicest shows I have seen in my life. The audience was terrific and they loved her. At one point she asked

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