We are excited to announce the LAUNCH of the Y-NSG! The Y-NSG Pilot offers grants up to $500 to youth (ages 12-24) living in Metro Vancouver (Burnaby, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Surrey/White Rock/Cloverdale, Richmond & Vancouver). Anyone with an idea can apply, no experience necessary!

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Coordinating NSG Toolkit

Full Coordinating NSG Toolkit

Welcome to the Coordinating Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG) Toolkit! This Toolkit is filled with guides, templates and other resources to help you implement and coordinate the NSG program in your area. The Toolkit is organized into nine modules that follow the timeline of a granting cycle. You can either download the full Toolkit (which includes a helpful introduction on how to use this resource) or by individual modules.

Module 1: Getting Started

Whether you are new to NSG or just new to the Toolkit, this is the place to start! Module 1 offers a list of resources that provide a foundation for people who are involved in the coordination of NSG or any grassroots grantmaking program.

Module 2: NGC Recruitment and Orientation

In this module, you will find guides and templates for recruiting and orienting Neighbourhood Grants Committee (NGC) members. The NGC is the group of local volunteers who make decisions about how the grants are distributed in their community.

Module 3: Promotion and Branding Basics

Leading up to the opening of the grants through to the application deadline, the focus of NSG is primarily on promoting the grants and supporting people to apply. Module 3 includes information and resources to use in doing outreach to and building relationships with potential applicants in your community.


Module 4: Managing Applications

This module includes a guide to the online Grant Management System (GMS), which is used to manage applications both when they are in-progress and when they are submitted.

Module 5: Granting Decisions

In this module, you will find guides and templates to support the Neighbourhood Grants Committee through the process of making granting decisions and distributing your NSG funds.

Module 6: Project Leader Orientation and Cheque Issue

This module includes guides and templates for coordinating an event to orient Project Leaders to and connect them with other people involved in the program.

Module 7: Project Leader Resources

This module has a range of resources you can provide to Project Leaders to support them in organizing their NSG projects such as the Project Leader Manual.

Module 8: Wrap-Up and Evaluation

This module includes information on finishing your NSG granting cycle through project wrap-ups, the Wrap-Up Celebration event, and program evaluation.

Module 9: Learning Days/Summits

This module provides resources to help you plan and execute an NSG Learning Day, which are 1 to 2 day events that bring together Project Leaders, Committee Members, Coordinators, Partner Organizations, and Funders to share stories and skills, discuss best practices, attend presentations and workshops, and build relationships with one another.