Arbutus Greenway in Kitsilano

There are a lot of people interested in growing raspberries! We gave away 36 raspberry plants along the Arbutus Corridor in Kitsilano. Lots of people stopped by to find out more about growing raspberries and took a plant if they needed one. Raspberries are a popular cane fruit grown by home gardeners but need specific care and maintenance to thrive and produce fruit every year. Pruning correctly is critical. We discussed the different varieties, planting, sunlight, soil, pollination, disease, harvest, pruning and growing in a pot.


This project connected and engaged community members in a Bees Wax Wrap Workshop followed by a shoreline cleanup on Locarno Beach to show people how single-use plastics pollutes our parks and oceans and how people can reduce or eliminate single-use plastics in their everyday life.

The Bees Wax Wrap Workshop was so much fun and productive with every participant bringing home many bees wax wraps that they made. During the workshop it was interesting hearing all the discussion on other ways to reduce or eliminate single-use plastics in everyday life.


Thanks to the Vancouver Foundation Neighbourhood Small Grant administered by the Kitsilano Neighbourhood House we were able to encourage and support 13 block parties in Kitsilano that celebrated Car Free Days on June 15 & 16.

Block party hosts were thrilled about the help we were able to provide them including a step-by-step toolkit, city application submission and insurance, street barricade delivery and pickup, a local BIA gift basket, and personal support and ideas on how to have a fun and relaxing block party getting to know their neighbours.

West 6th Back Lane

We re-established a functioning honeybee hive in our neighbourhood. It was very successful. Throughout the summer, we all watched honeybees in our gardens and witnessed them bringing back pollen to the hive.
As the bee population grew, anybody in the neighbourhood could stop by and watch the activity.
We connected with the Dunbar Bee Association to learn more about hive maintenance. During this visit, we learned about our varroa mite problem/infestation and set about helping the bees fend off the mites and treat the hive.

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House

Our felting art group was formed in 2018 after we received the very first NSG, this is our second year to be together, it has been such a delightful and special experience to sew with friends who loves felting each month , I personally believe our hand, heart and mind are closely connected, simply by touching these high quality wool felts, and sewing with a community, it feels great!

Queens Park Elizabeth School
September 26 2019

Thank you to you, the New Westminster Neighbourhood Small Grants program and the Vancouver Foundation for supporting us in our event this year. We held the Welcome Back BBQ on September 26 and we had a fantastic turn out! Thanks to donations from Save on Foods and Canadian Tire we were able to stretch the budget and served between 200-280 people at this free event. It was a lovely way for parents to meet the teachers informally and we received lots of great feedback about the event.

Kerrisdale Disaster Support Hub

DID YOU KNOW that after a major disaster like an earthquake:
• Communities may be on their own for days or weeks 

• Coordination of volunteers, offered resources, services and information WILL BE COMMUNITY-LED until help arrives
• Damaged waterways, roads, bridges and tunnels could delay outside assistance 

* Telecommunications, internet, power, water, gas, food and other essentials will likely be limited or completely unavailable 


Our neighbours were using a small white cupboard to exchange books and puzzles and games, but it was falling apart and wasn't originally intended to withstand the weather outside. Thanks to the NSG we were able to build a little library that custom fits and is meant for being outdoors. We can now exchange items! The inside panel of the left door is also a tac board, so we can even use it as a communication piece!

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House

My talk was geared towards young couples who are planing to have a baby . I went over the preparation process and explained that it should start at least 12 -18 months before the actual pregnancy, and up to 2 years in certain situations ex: vegan moms. I also highlighted the importance of a nutritional strategy and the necessary supplements needed. At the end of the talk, I had a wonderful discussion with the attendees and happily answered their questions.

Some of players and coach
13688 100 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3T 0G5

Supported by Small Grants Program from Oak Avenue Neighbourhood Hub Society, 2019 Surrey Neighborhood Ping-Pong Game was hold in Yoga Room at 13688 100 Avenue on September 8, 2019. More than 20 people with 12 players joined the event. Game was so competitive and everybody was so excited. The event attracted a lot of audience and some of them expressed willingness to join the game next year. Through this event, we increased mutual understanding and meet some new friends. All of the players and audience hope we have more similar events.