12331 Phoenix Drive, Richmond, BC
November 24 2018

Our community held a family barbeque to promote the Block Watch program and provide an opportunity for our neighbours to interact and get to know each other. Knowing who your neighbours are is key to a safer community.

The event was well attended with more that half of our neighbour residence represented. The RCMP participated with two Auxiliary Constables and the City of Richmond Block Watch Coordinator in attendance.

Overall a very successful event made possible through the generous grant provided by the NSG organization.

7240 Langton Court
November 23 2018

On the afternoon of August 18, 2018, neighbours from Langton Court came out in great numbers to celebrate our townhouse complex neighbourhood! There was food for all tastes and a talented balloon artist who entertained young and old alike! The youngest neighbour was 4 and the eldest neighbour in her 80's. We had BBQ chefs grilling up hot dogs and burgers while others contributed salads, desserts, cake and snacks. We played "Neighbour Bingo" where you had to ask questions to a neighbour and try to fill your card with correct matches.

Roundhouse Coop 8th floor rooftop Garden
November 23 2018

This year was all about growing good fresh food!
With the help of the this year's Greenest City Neighbourhood grant we have again planted a vegetable garden on the 8th floor rooftop of the Roundhouse Coop.
we worked and invested in our soil and added more large pots for planting herbs and strawberries besides our large planters containing
arugula/lettuce/tomatos/peppers/garlic/spinach and so on
We started the project in 2016 and has now become a big part of our coop living

Tait Elementary School
November 22 2018

We had over 300 students, parents and neighbours attending the event. Several safety organizations, Fire Fighters, Blockwatch, School District, Park and Recreation, 39 Service Battalion, came together to provide safety tips for the attendants.

8178 153A St, Surrey, BC
November 22 2018

Neighbourhoold small grants is a pretty good program which we can bring some neighbors together and build a strong friendship. Everyone is busy everyday. From this program, we have a chance to be together. It is good for adult to build friendship, and also good for kids to play with each other.

Richmond Brighouse Public Library
November 22 2018

Knitting and giving seem to go hand-in-hand. Somehow, it just feels right.

Here at the Richmond Public Library a group of us volunteers run free monthly knitting workshops teaching crafts including knitting, crochet, and loom to anyone interested.

Imperial by the Sea Apartments
November 21 2018

We had a blast at the community BBQ! Residents from four buildings joined the BBQ which was hosted in the shared garden/picnic space on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Residents donated so much: a balloon arch, watermelon, snacks and drinks. A tasty BBQ was provided along with drinks, chips, fruit and freezies for the kids. People brought lots of other tasty treats to enjoy as well. There was face painting for the kids which they loved - and the adults joined in the fun too! Residents were able to meet others from the neighbouring buildings as well as their own.

Chown Memorial and Chinese United Church
November 20 2018

Building upon the success of last year's 2017 Rice dumpling workshop, this year's Chinese cooking workshop focused on making three different types of dumplings which were easier to construct. The workshop was hosted in late September and we had a full roster of 30 participants. Three different workstations allowed participants to practice their skills in making the different Chinese dumplings. This year we had a wider age range of individuals from elementary school age to seniors.

Hawthorne Park
November 20 2018

This year in August, we ran a similar event to last year at the same location, where children and teens played games and showed their talents through game strategy. At first, not everyone knew each other so we played some icebreakers to hopefully let participants get to know each other. We mostly focused on activities that would engage the participants, such as ninja and stringing together funny stories. It caught everyone's interest and got everyone's minds and bodies moving, giving our brains and our bodies a much-needed exercise a few weeks before school began.

Garrett St., New Westminster, BC
November 19 2018

On July 21st we held our Garrett Street summer block party. The first one was held in 1994 and it has been an annual event ever since.