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The Grounded Podcast

I knew that people were struggling with staying grounded during all of the unknowns of the pandemic. I offered grounding practices and guided meditations in a podcast format to help...

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Mrs. Taylor’s Little Library

I stumbled upon my first little library awhile ago and my wheels began to turn! As a teacher, I saw this “leave a book, take a book” little box as...

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Live on the Radio

Our live to the radio concert didn’t go exactly as planned. Originally we were invited to play a show live from the radio, in a separate isolated sound booth, apart...

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Joyful Jamming

This project went well, and was very heart filling. The Seniors at Heritage Heights were delighted and so grateful to have some outside company, socialization, laughs and familiar music. I...

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Yoga for Well-Being

Excellent. It was done in Bear Creek Park. The day was sunny and the mood was funny before and after yoga c/w BBQ exotic homemade food and music except for...

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Seniors Zoom Karaoke

The name of my project: Neighbour Online KARAOKE Party–Keep Seniors Staying Happy During the Strange Times. ( I attached the Poster above) It took place on August 29, from 1.30...

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Huiyu Yun

Kids love stories. We host Chinese story time every week for them. Our teacher chose the fantastic story materials and kids really enjoy the time. The project not only brought...

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Jena World Musical Festival Season 1

As it was the first of its kind an ‘ice-breaking’ musical event which unfortunately fell victim to COVID-19 pandemic, I as a project leader have had to face multiple challenges,...

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Woodworking Crafts

The principal idea of the project was to switch up the dynamic during the pandemic and get a few kids out of the house and let their parents take a...

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