We are excited to announce the LAUNCH of the Y-NSG! The Y-NSG Pilot offers grants up to $500 to youth (ages 12-24) living in Metro Vancouver (Burnaby, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Surrey/White Rock/Cloverdale, Richmond & Vancouver). Anyone with an idea can apply, no experience necessary!

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News and announcements about the Neighbourhood Small Grants program. Updated by staff at Vancouver Foundation and network partners.


Stories from Next Door

Project leaders love to share back on what happened during their event, gathering, or project. Get inspired for your next idea by reading about what your neighbours are up to.

Owl Channel Creations

Richard and Laurel Cronk put together a wonderful NSG project in Campbell River which they share in this video: https://vimeo.com/602873916/489dec83e8

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Salute to the Sun

I perform The Salute to the Sun Yoga routine every day. As a person with auto-immune disorders (Lupus & Fibromyalgia) I find the complete full body stretch and movement indispensable....

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