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We have four communities in the Sea-to-Sky region. In each of these areas, you’ll find information on the Program Partners that oversee the grants. They also support and mentor grant applicants and project leaders and are the best person to ask questions about your project.

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News and announcements about the Neighbourhood Small Grants program. Updated by staff at Vancouver Foundation and network partners.


Stories from Next Door

Project leaders love to share back on what happened during their event, gathering, or project. Get inspired for your next idea by reading about what your neighbours are up to.

Oakridge Seed Etc library

The Oakridge Seed Etc library was born from my newly discovered interest in gardening and collecting seeds. As a newish interior designer (@be.elle.interiors), I wanted a project that brings together...

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Making winter pickles

This project was about sharing Home Canning skills with people in our neighbourhood and beyond. The NSG Program Coordinator at Gordon Neighbourhood House helped refine my application. Other staff at...

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